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Viet Bac’s folkloric music - hall


The Viet Bac’s folkloric music - hall is a cause unit belong directly to the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism established since May 1953, has the function to perform, research, seek again the song, dance, music arts of Viet Bac people. The music - hall is an only unit belong directly to the culture, sport and tourism Ministry standing in the area of Viet Bac’s zone, a great center zone of the nation (Thai Nguyen town, Thai Nguyen province, Vietnam).

          Along more fifty years to develop and grow up; the music - hall is honoured receiving many great prizes of the Party, the Government and the Ministry by the results of art activity.

          Nearly the great art programs like: Festival programs, great ceremonies celebrated in the country and many international festivals, the music - hall is priority selected participe and is achieved inspirit results, is loved by friends in the country and foreign friends.

The art programs of the music - hall include the sections of distinctive folkloric song, folkloric dance of the people of the Vietbac zone, escpress lively the life, the conditions of live, the labour, the study of the people.

          Glean from the rare and precious materials of dance, music, hand down from many thousand years in the people, the music - hall has built the art programs respond to many components of spectator, serve to many objects in the society especially there are the programs correspond to the ceremonies, the travel tours serve the guests in the country and foreign guests, contribute to guard, preserve and develop the distinctive culture of Vietnam in the renovation, the association time; present the distinctive culture art lines of Vietnam to all contries of the world.

          With seventy persomels, artists, actors young, beautiful, has high specialist capacity; The  Viet Bac’s folkloric music - hall is continued to inherit, develop the well results and strive to outstanding completed the function received.

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